Our Process

Our web development process ensures that your website is exactly what you are looking for, fully functional, ,and easily designed with your clients in mind. Take a look below at our tested four step process that is guaranteed to get your business up and running in no time at all.

  • Project Planning

    We start any marketing project by getting a better understanding our client’s business. We listen to our clients and work with them to establish a clear objective and strategy of the website. We perform research on the target market and establish a better understanding of the site’s intended audience. We conduct a full competitive analysis, establishing industry best practices as well as strategies for optimizing conversion rates. We use the insights we have gathered to develop a Website Strategy that outlines the project requirements. This document defines a clear vision for developing a website that meets the needs of our client. In addition, the Website Strategy will specify the timelines, resources and budget needed to complete the website.

  • Project Development

    Once the Website Strategy has been established, Ready To Run will design mockups based on initial design concepts that are presented to the client for their review. Our developers will gather feedback regarding any changes necessary for client’s complete satisfaction with the site. Once the design is approved, the development phase begins and our team goes to work on completing the website. During this stage, Ready To Run will customize and implement text, graphics, applications and other content on the website.

  • Testing

    Next, we test the site to ensure it’s both reliable and fully functional. Our developers make sure each page on the website has standards-compliant code and is optimized search engines. If no bugs or errors are found, the site will be uploaded to a test server for the client’s final approval for it to go live.

  • Analysis

    Our goal is to give our clients a product with exceptional performance and continues to improve over time. We analyze Key Performance Indicators to measure the website’s performance, which provide insights into ways to enhance its functionality, ROI and overall user experience.

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